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10 Summer Nail Art Designs I was Surprised I Can Do At Home! WOW!

DIY Nail Art Summer Tutorials

Summer is almost here! That means having all bikini accessories on FLEEK - AKA jewlery picked out, new sunscreen purchased, and making sure your nails are ready to show stop when you bare all on the baby powder sands!

The team here at thenailartstore.com put together our favorite summer nail trends that ANYONE can do at home!


1-3. Lancengi Shows How to create 3 Easy Summer Nail Art Designs that do not even require tools!


4. Rikki's Tropical Summer Nail Art ⚓️ Essie Summer 2016 Collection!


5. Nykaa's Summer Lemon Nail Art Design!

6 - 9. TotallyCoolNails created this 3 simple and Neow manicures!

10. Lancengi's Simple and Easy Mermaid nails! 


Out of these 10 Designs which one is your favorite? Comment down below! 



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